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Maud Delaflotte
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Maud Delaflotte began her career as a photographer at Oeil Public (a French press agency) in its  digital news service. She acquired her professional skills alternating between theory and practice, learning how to look at the story to relate the narrative.

In 2008, Maud Delaflotte joined the Zoko Productions agency where she worked as a photographer for 10 years. In this position, Maud D. gained experience providing photographs for press magazines particularly to complement articles on social issues. In addition to this , Maud D. successfully developed her professional acumen photographing hotel interiors for advertising purposes.

Since 2017, Maud Delaflotte has focused on freelance documentary photography.  Her work offers an insight into seemingly compartmentalized worlds. She often photographs isolated communities, seeking to explore cultural and economic realities that are rarely explored and are difficult to access.  Her objective is to shed light on the codes and values that define what it is to belong to minority groups where those involved live out their lives.


Convinced that the question of identity is fundamental, her work is intended to promote in-depth understanding of the issues raised, which are frequently the source of conflict. This continuing theme to Maud D.’s work has been the impetus behind several photographic reports, exploring facets of French identity through the prism of immigration, native American’s quest for recognition of their identity, access to the world by African billionaires, and more recently, the daily struggle of Saudi women for emancipation in an ultra-conservative society where achieving equality is a ongoing daily challenge.

Her work has appeared in publications including :

Figaro Magazine, Le Monde, Le M magazine, Washington Post, Marianne, Foto8, VSD, Le JDD, Télérama, Revue Hommes&Migrations.

Exhibition :

Mairie du XIIe arr., Paris Un lit qui se dit résidence

Galerie Matière à Lire, Paris Un lit qui se dit résidence

Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin ; Dans l'intimité du Hijab

Foire Photo Doc 2020, Paris ; Dans l'intimité du Hijab

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